Relationship Advice: Does Marriage Counseling Work?


Couples all around the world often have doubts about going for marriage retreat and counseling. Firstly, they’re overwhelmed by a bad feeling of negativity, believing that their situation has worsened to the point of needing outside help to help make things right in their life. Secondly, they find themselves constantly doubting its success. Many people find it hard to share with and open up to complete strangers. If you’re one such person, then this piece is meant especially for you.

Marriage counseling

Wondering about the success of marriage counseling is often the natural reaction of people thinking about it. This is due to the fact that they don’t understand anything about the process. To solve this puzzle, it would be helpful for couples to have an idea about marriage counseling and know their situation before seeking professional relationship advice. Here are some things couples need to know.

Being realistic

The first step in getting marital advice is to be realistic and practical about your relationship. It’s important to know your situation and acknowledge that marriage counseling can be a great step to make your marriage work. It’s important, at the same time, to go in with a realistic mindset. There’s no cure for marital problems, so counseling isn’t a magic cure.

Do you love each other?

You should answer this question honestly. Are you and your partner still in love with each other? If so, then marriage counseling will really help. A couple who are in love will find it easier to make changes and accommodate one another.

Open to change

Your marriage counselor will ask that you do some exercises or change some things in your marriage so it becomes smoother. He/she will let you know how and what’s causing problems and how to handle it. Change is the keyword here. Counseling will certainly work for couples who are ready to change and can embrace experimentation and new ideas.

Mature and non-sexist

Marriage counseling tends to work for couples who are non-sexist and mature. Being sexist hinders counseling sessions as you assign roles specific to each gender. Harboring sexist feelings won’t get you anywhere close to rescuing your marriage.

Age matters

Marriage counseling tends to work for those who are young because they don’t have fixed ideas. It’s thought that as people get older, they become so set in their attitudes and behavior that they find it hard to accommodate or compromise.

It’s best to save your marriage early on, so do it as soon as you start facing marital problems. So does marriage counseling work? It sure does as long as both parties are willing.

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